Friday, 23 November 2012

Saving good? Spending bad?

We have seen a lot of material that tells you or infers saving is good and spending is bad. This is the wrong message to give. The message we prefer is everyone has dreams and goals and spending and saving are actions you can take to achieve them. Without the proper knowledge on finances, people end up delaying or sabotaging their goals and dreams.

There's a pretty good free iPad app called goalGetter that illustrates setting goals and saving for them. It lets you put different goals such as school, a car or a house on a graph, set the value of each and set your monthly saving amount. It then shows if you'll make your goal or not. Not a serious planning tool but good for teaching. I'll put add a demo video next week to show you this app.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Our Mission on Financial Literacy for Kids

Our mission is to provide kids with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions.  Our primary delivery of this is through in-classroom training.  

Please go to for more information.

SinceNovember is financial literacy month in Canada, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide more information and resources to help teachers, students and parents.  We are currently undergoing a re-design of our website and have added this blog to provide fresh insights in the area of financial literacy.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding weeklycontent including useful links to resources, reviews of tablet educationalapps, interesting survey results and more.

James Whelan
EVP, MoneyMatters