Monday, 3 December 2012

Share financial adventures with kids

Something I recommend whether you're a parent, teacher or other adult interacting with children is to share your financial adventures or experiences. Whether your experience is good or bad (nobody will make good decisions always), it can be extremely valuable in learning about the financial world. Sometimes you think children aren't listening but you'd be surprised. Very often, especially parents feel finances, are a secret adult thing and are reluctant to share. Don't be.

Just the other day I was going to increase our family's Internet data plan... Internet being something near and dear to my kids. I shared my adventure in negotiating a new plan. Hopefully they learned a little about bargaining. Some other ideas - talk to them about how your mortgage works, how you use a credit card, look at utility bills together (e.g. Why does it vary so much month to month). Lots of possibilities to talk about.

James Whelan,

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